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This site and all of its contents are property of ApartInMadrid, S.L. The company ApartInMadrid, S.L. is located on Calle Ariel 4, Portal F, 6¼ A and was constituted indefinitely in writing authorized by the Notary of Madrid, D. Antonio de la Esperanza Rodr’guez, on December 11, 2003 and is inscribed in the Business Registry of Madrid, in volume 19.490, section 8, page 9, with number M-342128 and CIF B83834226.

Privacy and information protection

ApartInMadrid.com saves users' information upon making a reservation. Said information is only accessible by our company and/or the owner of the property reserved. Just as it is stated in our private policy, ApartInMadrid.com is committed to the protection of its information and in no way sells, rents, facilitates or supplies said information to third parties.

Processing and reservation procedure

To make a reservation through ApartInMadrid.com, you must submit your personal information and credit card details. The person who is making the reservation (hereafter referred to as "reservation holder") is the only one responsible for said information. The reservation holder must be older than 18 years of age and is the only one responsible for payment of the establishment selected in the reservation (hereafter referred to as the "establishment").

Reservation confirmation

All reservations are final and are confirmed the moment that the reservation process is completed. Immediately following, you will see the reservation confirmation screen and you will receive an email with the same confirmation. We recommend that you print the reservation confirmation that comes up on the screen. This may be useful in the rare case that you do not receive the reservation by email. In the event that you are not sent the confirmation by email, please check your spam folder and/or ask us to send it to you again.

Information provided in the reservation

In the case that the information provided by the reservation holder is false, confusing or illegible, ApartInMadrid, S.L. reserves the right to cancel your reservation. In that case, you will be immediately reimbursed for your credit card charge, no other charge will be made and you will be informed of the cancellation by email.

Credit card

When you make the reservation you are authorizing ApartInMadrid, S.L. to charge the reservation deposit to your credit card. The reservation deposit is the amount referred to as "amount to be paid now" on the reservation page. Remember that this deposit is not refundable in the event of a cancellation.

In the case that the client's bank or credit card company rejects or cancels the charge made to the credit card, ApartInMadrid, S.L. reserves the right to cancel and reject your reservation.

Remaining reservation balance

Upon making a reservation, the reservation holder accepts that he/she is solely responsible for the economic conditions accepted the moment that he/she made the reservation and for the payment of the remaining balance (the amount referred to as "amount to be paid at the establishment" in the reservation form) to the establishment.

Reservation cancellation

In order to complete a reservation, you must pay a reservation deposit. This deposit is not refundable (no exceptions). If you decide to cancel the reservation, keep in mind that the reservation deposit will not be returned to you. Regardless, before you make the reservation, you will be shown the cancellation information and the specific conditions of the establishment (which you will have to accept to proceed with the reservation). This same information will be sent to you by email when you complete the reservation. If you wish to cancel the reservation, you must consult with the conditions stated in said email and contact the establishment as soon as possible. Remember that in the reservation confirmation email the contact details for the establishment are provided for you.

Applicable Legislation and jurisdiction

The services provided by ApartInMadrid, S.L. are governed by the laws of Spain by means of the laws and regulations of the Civil Code and all other applicable legislation.